Report discrimination in soccer!

I would like to report a racist, sexist, homophobic or right-wing extremist incident in soccer. Examples of discrimination are racist smearings, homophobic insults or anti-Semitic insults in the stadium, on the soccer field or in the club environment.

Key data of the incident

Description of the incident

Are there any pictures or video footage of the incident? (If yes, please upload here. For files bigger than 10MB please use a download link and send it to!)

Personal data

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How are messages handled?

After a report has been received by fairplay, a member of staff will contact the reporter.

--> It can happen that we have questions, for this it would be good if we had an email address or phone number.

Name and function of the reporter - as far as known - will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties, neither verbally nor in writing, unless the explicit consent of the reporter has been obtained.

Further personal data such as the address etc. of the reporter will be processed solely by fairplay in accordance with the provisions of data protection law.

More information on the procedure "Reporting discrimination in soccer

Together with the ÖFB and the Austrian Football League, the fairplay initiative has developed and revised in 2018 a standardized procedure on how to proceed when discriminatory incidents become known. More information can be found here:

- Download PDF: Procedure Reporting Discrimination in Football
- Download Word: Reporting Form