fairplay education

Supported by the Digifonds of AK Vienna, the fairplay initiative is building an online learning platform by the end of 2022, on which we can digitally prepare our educational content for multipliers from the world of sports.

The project "fairplay education" aims to create a digital offer for employees of sports associations, sports clubs and athletes as well as pedagogical multipliers and workshop leaders.

The content covers the topics of anti-discrimination, equality, social inclusion, sustainable development and human rights in and through sport. After a phase of exchanging ideas and research, the project involves working with a programmer and a graphic designer to create a digital offering that will be available to a broad target group.

"fairplay education" aims to meet the following challenges and needs:

  • To prepare our workshops, trainings and courses online and thus make them accessible to a broad target group free of charge;
  • To make self-assessments related to our content "remote" and easy to access and conduct;
  • To provide free access to all materials related to the above described topics from us;
  • To provide target groups with the opportunity to share and network online

Supported by funds from the Digitalisierungsfonds Arbeit 4.0 of AK Wien.