fairplay prevention – point of contact against dehumanizing ideologies 

fairplay prevention aims to strengthen the structures of sports in their stance against right-wing extremism and religiously-motivated extremism. We raise awareness and inform the sports public. Together with associations, clubs, gyms, etc., we develop needs-based measures and counter-measures. And we can be contacted via the reporting office when it comes to dehumanizing incidents or suspected dehumanization in sports. 

Take a stand! 

As a social milieu with a wide area of influence, the field of sports bears social responsibility. It is important to raise awareness and clearly position ourselves against right-wing extremist and Islamist ideologies. 

fairplay prevention is aimed at: 

  • Sportspeople and fans of every sport
  • Organizations in the fields of sports and youth (e.g. sports clubs, gyms, associations, youth centers)
  • Multipliers (e.g. coaches, sports officials, confidants, social and youth workers) 

Information and consultation 

fairplay prevention provides information on dehumanizing ideologies, far-right extremism and religiously-motivated extremism in sports. fairplay prevention offers free consultations about specific incidents and/or suspicions. Preventive measures and strategies can be jointly developed for each respective field. These measures and strategies are based on the particular sports structure (type of sport; recreational, popular or competitive sport; association or club; fan culture, etc.). 

Our measures and activities: 

  • Point of Contact
  • Events and campaigns
  • Education and awareness-raising services 
  • Networking and cooperation 

Project duration 

The project runs from January 2022 to September 2024 and is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sport (BMKÖS).