Workshops für children and teenagers

The fairplay workshop for children and young people combines education and movement. The content is presented in a playful and interactive way - work in small groups, discussions and lectures alternate with movement methods and games.

The workshops are conducted by trained fairplay workshop leaders.


Module sustainable development goals

Content and playful exercises on the Sustainable Development Goals (17 goals for sustainable development) of the United Nations and their connections to sport.

Module anti-discrimination

Playful learning of important terms (racism, discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, refugee, migrant, homophobia etc.) and showing examples.

Module Movement Methods

Exercises from everyday training are linked to content here. Based on self-awareness in the exercises, the topics of fair play, team spirit, respect and social inequalities are addressed.

Module queerplay

Here the participants are introduced to the contents of homophobia and gender. The goal is to promote diversity.

Module human rights

Major sporting events such as World Championships and Olympics are examined in terms of their positive and negative effects on society. In the workshop, local and global connections are made. 

Module Rebels of Change

In this module, participants learn more about the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and explore sustainable action strategies in sport and beyond. Download Guide.

These modules can be used flexibly and can be booked as needed for a fairplay workshop.

Key data

Age: 10-16 years
Location: in a larger room or at the sports field
Duration: 2-3 hours
Number of participants: 15-20 (for orientation)
Materials: Balls, overshoes and marking hats, music, paper, pens and flipchart. These can be provided by fairplay (in consultation).

Costs: will be covered by fairplay.

The workshops are significantly supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation.