Rental for your activities - streetkick court and microsoccer facility

You can play soccer anywhere - on the grass, in the sports hall, in the living room (at least as long as mom and dad aren't there!) and on the street. An extra kick for street soccer is playing in the inflatable Streetkick Court and/or in the fairplay "Scheiberlkiste" in cooperation with microsoccer.

Streetkick - Court

The idea of fairplay-Streetkick is to offer soccer fans, young people and local migrants the opportunity to play street soccer together. The anti-racist method "Streetkick" assumes that playing soccer together reduces xenophobic tensions and promotes mutual understanding. Fans and young people of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds interact directly without any lead time and get to know each other
- basic prerequisites for respect and intercultural dialogue.

  • The inflatable court can be played on within 10 minutes of arriving at the venue.
  • The court measures only 15 x 10 m and offers space for interesting matches of 3 against 3 or 4 against 4 players.
  • The playing field fits easily on a 20 x 15m area and allows the event to be held even on very small courts.
  • The soft inflatable boards guarantee safe playing. The boards have a diameter of 1m and are kept in shape by an electrically operated air pump. A mini generator provided or a mains connection on site is used for power supply.
  • Streetkick can be played on relatively uneven surfaces, the prerequisite being a solid surface (asphalt, flagstones, grass). To avoid injuries due to slipping or twisting, the surface should be as flat and level as possible.


Microsoccer is a new way to play the world's most popular sport. Fast, direct, compact and with a very high fun factor! Our microsoccer facility ("Scheiberlkiste") can be used everywhere and can be used as a playful highlight at events, as an exciting additional offer for clubs and youth centers, as an attraction in the outdoor pool or for the garden at home.

Info about the system:
The playing field of the Microsoccer facility is a 4x2 meter/small mini soccer pitch that can be set up virtually anywhere that is reasonably level and has a little more than 10m2 of space available.

Game mode: 1 vs. 1
Duration: 2-3 minutes per match
Supervisor/Referee: yes