this human world Festival - Our game for human rights

Cinema instead of World Cup football! Three films on the political power of football will be shown as part of the film festival.

On 1 December, the this human world festival starts in Vienna. As an official partner of our project Our Game for Human Rights, the film festival presents three films dedicated to football and its political power. We suggest you leave the FIFA World Cup behind for a moment and take a seat in the cinema on the following dates:

Captains of Za'atari
Friday, 02.12.2022, 18:00
Top Cinema Room 1

Many Syrian refugees are stranded in Zaatari, the largest refugee camp in Jordan. Among them are Fawzi and Mahmoud. In this city of tents, football is a great passion for the two young men and a way out to a better future. They want to make it to the Aspire Academy for young talents and do their best to convince the delegation from Qatar, which is always on the lookout for budding football greats in the camp. Ali El Arabi accompanies Fawzi and Mahmoud and provides an intimate and hopeful picture of their friendship and their shared dream.

Lotus Sports Club
Thursday, 08.12.2022,19:00
Fountain Passage

Leak and Amas, two trans men, play football for the U21 women's team in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia. Their coach and father, 61-year-old Pa Vann, has taken them into his home since they were young, offering them and other LGBTQIA+ players a safe place to be themselves. Over a period of five years, the film paints a personal as well as encouraging portrait of a football team trying to build solidarity with the queer community in Cambodia through sport.

We also recommend the screening of the initiative Ciné-ONU:

Freedom Fields
Monday, 05.12.2022,18:00
Top Cinema Room 1

Freedom Fields follows a women's football team in post-revolutionary Libya from 2012 to 2016. The film is divided into three sections and portrays three friends who share a passion for football and also met through it: Naama, Halima and Fadwa. From the perspective of the three involuntary activists, the film tells of the Libyan people's tireless struggle to rebel against the political and social structures in their country. A story about dreams, resistance, sisterhood and the power of team spirit.

See you in the cinema!