fairplay SDG Tour

With the "fairplay SDG Tour", we want to place a special focus on measures in the federal states and, with an attractive offer of existing and new methods, address children and young people who are not reached or are difficult to reach through regular educational and sports offers (school, clubs).

What can a tour station look like?

The central element of the tour is an SDG-branded inflatable street kick court. Children and young people play street football together under the guidance of an experienced "team player", which aims to promote mutual respect, team play and sustainability.



The inflatable court can be played on within 15 minutes of arriving at the venue. The 15x10m court offers space for matches of 3 against 3 or 4 against 4 players. The court fits well on a 20x15m surface (asphalt, grass, sand, ...) and allows it to be played on smaller courts. The soft, inflatable barriers guarantee safe play; they have a diameter of 1m and are kept in shape by an electrically operated air pump.


In addition, young people can play on our SDG-branded microsoccer boxes on site. Microsoccer (1 vs. 1) is fast, direct and very fun! Our microsoccer facilities can be used anywhere (grass, asphalt) and are playful highlights.


Both are tools that can be linked well with content. At fairplay talk stands, trained workshop leaders will provide information on the topic of sport and sustainability, and if there is time and demand, fairplay workshops can also be offered for groups. 

A Feel Good Station with healthy snacks (fruit), drinks and music invites non-sports enthusiasts to linger and get to know the SDG Tour. 

In SDG branding, the aforementioned building blocks can be integrated as needed at events and festivals throughout Austria.

Key data

Duration: 1 day (half day or full day) 
Who: open to Possible cooperation with sports clubs, community, youth centres, schools, initiatives, NGOs 
Space: at least 20 x 15 metres 
What: Streetkick, Microsoccer, Feel Good Station, fairplay talks, fairplay workshops

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