For diversity in football & martial arts, 4 - 29 October 2023

The fairplay action weeks will also take place this year in October. In 2023, as in the previous year, they will be dedicated to the fight against extremism in sport and for a diverse and open society. For the first time, the focus is no longer only on football, but will be extended to the field of martial arts on the initiative of our youngest working area, fairplay prevention

From 4-29 October 2023, all clubs and initiatives in Austria are called upon to stand up together against hate and incitement. We must not give any room to anti-human ideas in sport. Everyone is called upon to stand up for a diverse and open society and sports culture in which everyone feels welcome despite their differences and no one has to be afraid of discrimination and exclusion.


We invite all clubs to participate in the fairplay action weeks and together set a sign for diversity and against hate. Every club can make a big difference with small actions! We will send you the campaign material, text templates and action proposals in September.

If your club would like to take part in the fairplay action weeks 2023 register using our form.

Does your club also want to set an example for diversity in the long term, e.g. with a banner in the club colours at the sports field? Or fairplay stickers with your club logo? We also offer the campaign week material (3x1m banner, stickers, campaign cards) in club-specific design - we take care of the graphics and logistics, you pay the printing costs! Please let us know via the registration form if you would like to use this possibility.

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Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, website or simply live on site: there are no limits to your creativity during the fairplay action weeks. We will provide you with designs for the most diverse channels and you can set small and large signs within the scope of your possibilities. Every participation is a gain for more diversity! 

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Don't forget our hashtags and we are also very happy to receive tags and collab posts! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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[Offer unfortunately no longer bookable!]

fairplay offers training for clubs (trainers, officials, etc.):
In 1.5 hours, topics related to anti-human ideas in sport are discussed briefly and concretely. The aim is to raise awareness, empower clubs and provide them with tools to show a clear stance and stand up for open and inclusive football.

In addition, there are also workshops for junior teams (children & youth), where sports and moving methods are used to create awareness for exclusion and inequalities, and empathy and social interaction are strengthened.

The offer is free of charge for sports clubs.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to book trainings and workshops on the prevention of misanthropic ideologies during the action weeks - due to the high demand, our contingent is full! However, if you are interested, you are welcome to contact us and make an appointment with us outside the action weeks. Just send an email to: fairplay-prevention [AT] vidc [DOT] org


The activities are coordinated by the fairplay Initiative for Diversity and Antidiscrimination. The ÖFB and the Austrian Football League support the campaign, which is made possible by the City of Vienna - Bewegung findet Stadt, the Austrian Ministry of Sport and the European Commission (Erasmus+).