SPIN Refugees: New funding for sports clubs to organize sports events with refugees

SPIN Refugees will fund "United for Inclusion" events during the European Week of Sport (September 23-30, 2022).

For refugees and asylum seekers, a sports club is often an important first address to meet people and get to know society better. The EU project "Sport Inclusion of Refugees across Europe" (SPIN Refugees) will support sports clubs and refugees to build simple and effective relationships on a local level.

We are targeting (grassroots) sports clubs that are willing to work with people with refugee experience living in their communities. Sports clubs registered in one of the project partner countries can apply to organize joint United for Inclusion events during the European Week of Sport, September 23-30, 2022. The project countries for this funding are Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Hungary.

In the run-up to the event, the sports clubs will proactively contact refugees in their region and organize joint orientation meetings. The clubs will present their offerings and inform refugees and asylum seekers of all ages about opportunities to participate.

Network support for applicant clubs

We support sports clubs and initiatives with an amount of up to €2,800 for the organization of a joint "United for Inclusion" event. A maximum of 16 events will be (co-)financed. In addition, the SPIN network partners in the different countries will provide their expertise and support the activities and events of the sports clubs. To promote the United for Inclusion events, VIDC (fairplay), as coordinator of the project, will provide a range of campaign materials such as posters, A4 cards and banners.

What do we expect from the sports clubs?

Based on a short written application, we will select a maximum of two clubs per project country. The selected sports clubs will have the following tasks:

1) Establish contact with local initiatives working with refugees.

2) Organizing an orientation meeting to which interested refugees and asylum seekers who would like to participate in sports or volunteer in sports will be invited.

3) Jointly organize a local sports event during the European Week of Sport 2022 (which can include social activities, music, exhibitions, community interaction, etc.)

4) Promotion of the event (e.g. through videos or online photo coverage via social media).

Aim of the funding

The goal of this funding is to actively engage refugees and asylum seekers in sporting events and improve intercultural understanding. It also aims to motivate sports clubs and initiatives to open their doors to refugees and asylum seekers. The idea is furthermore that sports clubs offer the possibility of training and physical activity. The joint sports event will help to create connections between refugees, asylum seekers and the host society.

Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN)

The SPIN Refugees project, funded by the European Commission's Sport Unit, has two objectives: to promote the social inclusion and participation of refugees and asylum seekers in sport, and to create the necessary conditions at the local level through training, education and capacity building of local sport stakeholders. The project, coordinated by VIDC (fairplay), is currently in its third and final year and is implemented together with eight partner organizations.

The application form for the funding can be found here