Sei kein Häferl! - The cup for a good cause

With a donation to Migrant Defenders you secure your fairplay mug.

It is here! For the first time we have our own fairplay mug. The imprint is simple and clear: SEI KEIN HÄFERL - show attitude against discrimination in sports.

The mug was produced with a clear purpose:
To support the initiative!

As part of our project Our Game for Human Rights, activist Malcolm Bidali was on the road for us as a speaker to advocate for the rights of migrant workers. The 30-year-old Kenyan citizen worked for four and a half years as a security guard in Qatar, where he witnessed human rights violations live. Together with Aidah Muli he founded the initiative Migrant Defenders, which is committed to educating and raising awareness on human rights and labor issues. We want to support that together.

What can you do?

1. donate to (minimum donation: 15€)

2. send us a screenshot of the donation confirmation to fairplay [AT] vidc [DOT] org and give us your address.

3. as a thank you we will have a fairplay mug delivered to your home. (free of shipping costs in whole Austria).

We promise that every drink tastes better from this mug.
It's called a good conscience and just tastes sweet. Thank you!