International Conference in Sarajevo: Game Changers – Using sport as a tool for cross-community work and social inclusion, 30.3.23

The conference takes place in the framework of the projects "Football Zajedno" and "Sport Together" and highlights the role of sport in the context of social inclusion and cross-border projects.

30 March, Bosanski kulturni centar (BKC), Branilaca Sarajeva 24, Sarajevo

The international conference „Game Changers“ will be a 1-day event where sports and cross-community work come together to promote cross-community engagement and social inclusion. This exciting conference will be held at the Bosanski kulturni centar (BKC), Branilaca Sarajeva 24, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our conference is designed to bring together individuals and organizations that are passionate about sports and community work. By breaking barriers, and demonstrating how we are changing the game, we aim to showcase the positive impact of sports on social cohesion.

The conference is organized as part of two ongoing projects – “Football Zajedno” and “Sport Together”. Both projects are working towards reconciliation, promoting equality and human rights, and fighting against nationalism. In the event our partners and stakeholders, including football associations and clubs, relevant CSOs, and grassroots initiatives from Europe will discuss, exchange and foster our network. The geographical focus lies on the Western Balkan region and the island of Ireland. 

During the conference, we will showcase the results of these projects and share good practice examples of cross-community work. We will also explore current developments in the region related to reconciliation and sports. Our expert speakers are ready to share their knowledge and experience on innovative training methods and using sports as a tool for bringing people together.
We are also planning interactive activities that will get our participants up and moving because learning can be fun too!

If you want to join us at this exciting event, please RSVP by March 20th at the latest by applying through this form:


The conference participation is free. We will be providing lunch and refreshments on-site, so you can focus on being part of this incredible experience.

We can't wait to see you in Sarajevo!

David Hudelist
hudelist [AT] vidc [DOT] org
+43 1 713 35 94 - 72