Fundraising campaign for refugees on the Balkan route, 17.12.23

SOS Balkanroute is again collecting in-kind and money donations and is inviting to a panel discussion in Vienna.

MORE THAN EVER: We are once again collecting for refugees on the Balkan route 

t is a significant anniversary for all of us. The fifth winter in a row in which we have collected clothing and donations in kind throughout Austria for refugees on the Balkan route. And this year we are once again saying: Austria is not looking away, no! For as long as people are freezing on our doorstep, suffering, living in cold tents and experiencing police violence through pushbacks.
With 64 aid transports and thousands of tonnes of relief supplies, we have not only been able to make a strong statement against this inhumane asylum policy in recent years, but above all provide people with concrete and uncomplicated help in a difficult emergency situation. The brutality of Fortress Europe is increasing, politicians are ignoring human cries for help and so the number of victims and deaths is rising - both in the Balkans and on the Mediterranean route. We are once again offering your help and our collective solidarity in response. Every pair of shoes, every warm jacket, every sleeping bag and every mobile phone saves lives - and the human dignity of us all.

We are therefore once again calling for a joint collection campaign with numerous organisations and initiatives in the Brunnenpassage in Ottakring on 17 December 2023:


Sun, 17 December, 13h to 19h
Afterwards at 19h: Panel discussion:

 Dehumanised Europe - where are we going?"
ArtSocialSpace Brunnenpassage,
Brunnengasse 71/ Yppenplatz, 1160 Vienna

Have we as a society really become accustomed to the ugly images predicted by Sebastian Kurz? To the fact that people seeking protection are being beaten from one border to another, human rights are being trampled underfoot and ping-pong is being played between states with human destinies? 

The dismantling of refugees' rights that has been taking place for years, the accompanying and ever-increasing tendencies in our society that jeopardise democracy, the omnipresent brutalisation of language in politics and the media: all of this threatens to reach another climax in the election year 2024 (EU elections, NR elections). 

On this evening, we from SOS Balkanroute will discuss with experts and activists what we as individuals can do about it. A special guest will be our local helper Asim from Bihac/Bosnia-Herzegovina, who will report on the current situation at the EU's external borders and provide a living example: Humanity is still possible - even under the most adverse circumstances.  

The people on the run have no choice, but we (still) have a choice.


- Sleeping bags
- sleeping mats
- tents
- Blankets (thin)
- rucksacks
- Men's winter jackets up to size L
- Jumpers up to size L
- Trousers up to size L
- Long-sleeved shirts up to size L
- Thermal tops and bottoms
- Bonnets, scarves, gloves
- socks
- Men's shoes (up to size 43), preferably warm winter shoes
- Boxer shorts
- Headlamps and torches
- Thermos flasks
- Old working smartphones
- Powerbanks

IBAN: AT20 2011 1842 8097 8400
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PAYPAL donations to team [AT] sos-balkanroute [DOT] at

We thank all supporters!