fairplay Aktionswochen 2021 - That was nice and now it's over!

4 weeks, 86 clubs, 90 actions - these were the fairplay action weeks 2021!

With campaigns at the Bundesliga clubs SKN St. Pölten Frauen, FC Südburgenland, SK Rapid Wien, SK Sturm Graz, FC Juniors OÖ, SCR Altach, the Young Violets, as well as at the amateur sports clubs ASK Erlaa, Union Katsdorf, ASKÖ Lending, Union Julbach, ASV Kfz Erdbau Moser and FC Leonhofen, eventful weeks came to an end with the weekend of October 30/31, and at ATSV Fischamend with November 5.

90 and a high number of unreported cases

It is 92 lines long, our Excel list for the Action Weeks 2021, minus the headlines there are 86 clubs and initiatives known to us and directly provided with material by us, where the topic "Solidarity - Football Without Exclusion" was brought to the public in 90 different actions. The number of unreported cases, however, is high: many soccer clubs have downloaded campaign material from our website without our knowledge - but with our full consent! - campaign material from our website and displayed it on their websites, via social media or during a match. Some of them we have found out about, others remain unknown.

You can find the highlights on our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Especially our hashtag #fairplayaktionswochen gives you a good insight into what was going


So it's time to say THANK YOU - for the fact that more clubs than ever before took part in the fairplay action weeks for diversity in soccer. For the fact that we received so many photos and videos, from prominent national team players as well as from Bundesliga teams and grassroots sports clubs. For the fact that the cooperation with the Austrian Bundesliga and the ÖFB again worked so smoothly. For the fact that the fairplay team is still burning for anti-discrimination in the 22nd action weeks and can reach more and more clubs in Austria. For the fact that the City of Vienna has again supported us financially within the framework of Bewegung findet Stadt. For the fact that we are always warmly welcomed on the various Viennese soccer fields, where we could visit matches and actions. For the fact that some clubs want to work with us on the topics of diversity, homophobia or racism even beyond the action weeks. For the fact that Corona only caught up with us again after the action weeks. For the fact that Austrian soccer stands up so strongly against exclusion.

And THANK YOU also to the team of the fairplay initiative, which, as every year, has invested many hours in the implementation of the action weeks!


Lower Austria wins

By the way, the prize for the most active province in 2021 goes to Lower Austria - with 24 clubs, it narrowly beats Vienna with 22 participating clubs - although it must be said that many Viennese clubs shone with several activities: for example, at FC Mariahilf, the youngsters participated as well as the women's and men's teams. Third place goes to Upper Austria with 15 clubs, followed by Styria with 8. This is followed by Tyrol with 4 and Carinthia and Vorarlberg with 3 each. Bringing up the rear are the provinces of Burgenland and Salzburg with 2 actions - there is still room for improvement! With the ÖFB national teams (women and men), as well as the Bundesliga also two nationwide players participated, plus cheated himself a club from Germany in addition.

Participants in 2021...

The following associations and initiatives were involved (in alphabetical order):

ASK Bad Fischau-Brunn
ASK Erlaa
ASKÖ Leonding
ASV Hinterbrühl
ATSV Fischamend
ATUS Ferlach
Blaue Elf
Blaue Elf U16
Dornbach Sox
DSG Ferlach
Fc Besiktas Wiener Adler
FC Blau-Weiss Linz
FC Flyeralarm Admira
FC Juniors OÖ
FC Leonhofen
FC Liefering
FC Mariahilf (Frauen + Männer)
FC Mohren Dornbirn 1913
FC Moser Medical Rohrendorf
FC Red Bull Salzburg
FC spusu Mistelbach
FC Südburgenland
FC Wacker Innsbruck (Frauen + Männer)
FCSD Zeillern
First Vienna FC (Frauen + Männer)
FK Austria Wien (Frauen + Männer)
Forum Afrika-Solidarität e.V.
FSC Favoriten
FV1210 Wien
GAK 1902
Gersthofer SV
GTVS Aspernallee
Güssinger Sportverein
Kicken ohne Grenzen/Girls Cup
KSV 1919
LASK (Frauen + Männer)
NSG Steinfeld
Post SV
SC Austria Lustenau
SC Brunn U10
SC Brunn/Geb.
SC Elite 1968
SC Mauerbach
SC Wiener Viktoria Frauen
SCR Altach
SCU Schrattenberg
SG Gitschtal
SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr
SK Lugus Tulbing
SK Rapid Wien
SK Rapid Wien II
SK Sturm Graz
spusu SKN St. Pölten (Frauen + Männer)
Stadtgemeinde Schwechat - Stadt-und-Schulmeisterschaften
SU Schönbrunn
SV Göllersdorf
SV Innsbruck Frauen
SV Lobmingtal
SV MAGNA Krottendorf
SV Ried
SV Schwechat
SV Urfahr 1912
SV Weyer
SVK Fraiss-Bau
TSU Irnfritz Damen
TSV Hartberg
Tus Kraubath
Union Julbach
Union Katholische Jugend Ottenthal
Union Katsdorf
USV Kfz Erdbau MOSER
USV Neulengbach Nachwuchs
WSG Tirol
Young Violets


The fairplay action weeks
The fairplay action weeks took place from October 7-31, 2021. Under the motto "SOLIDARITY - Football without Exclusion", clubs were invited to set an example for social justice.

The activities are coordinated by the fairplay Initiative for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination. The ÖFB and the Austrian Football League support the campaign, which is made possible by the City of Vienna - Bewegung findet Stadt, the Austrian Ministry of Sport and the European Commission (Erasmus+). Across Europe, the action weeks are coordinated by the European FARE network.

#fairplayaktionswochen #Solidarität #FußballOhneAusgrenzung
Campaign material