Club 2x11 – Antisemitism in football, 4.12.23

More relevant than ever: we discuss the current forms of antisemitism in football in Austria and other countries.

The arson attack on the Jewish section of the central cemetery, torn down Israel flags, death threats and swastikas on Jewish institutions - the topic of anti-Semitism has been sadly topical, especially since the Hamas attack on Israel. The anti-Semitism study conducted in 2022 showed that a third of Austrians harbour latent anti-Semitic attitudes and believe in anti-Jewish conspiracy narratives.

And on football pitches and in the stands? How does anti-Semitism manifest itself here, what are Jewish players and clubs confronted with? Sport has always been a place where resentment and hatred are just as evident as a commitment to diversity and tolerance. To what extent does Austrian football have a special responsibility due to its history and how has right-wing extremism developed in the stands?

Club 2x11 discusses the current forms of anti-Semitism in football in Austria and takes a look at other countries. Effective countermeasures by fans, clubs and associations will also be highlighted.

In cooperation with the VHS Hernals and the Friends of the Friedhofstribüne

Monday, 4 December 2023, 6:30 pm
Venue: Away match at the VHS Hernals, Rötzergasse 15, 1170 Vienna

Admission free!

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  • Pavel Brunssen researches anti-Semitism, cultures of remembrance and European football
  • Amber Weinber is an expert on antisemitism and antisemitic manifestations; former chairwoman of the Forum against Antisemitism 
  • Agnes Meisinger is co-curator of the exhibition "Superjuden. Jewish identity in the football stadium"
  • Daniel Shaked former SC Maccabi player, Austria fan, photographer
  • Sebastian Schönbauer Friends of the cemetery stand

Moderation: Georg Spitaler - ballesterer, political scientist, historian

Club 2×11 is an event organised by Büchereien Wien, the fairplay initiative, tipp3, Wir Frauen im Sport and the ballesterer.