All In & Win - Online survey of the German Sport University Cologne

Survey to promote an inclusive culture in organised football and hockey.

The All In & Win project of German Sport University Cologne aims at promoting an inclusive environment and welcoming culture in organized football and field hockey clubs and federations. To do this, we first need to understand the experiences and challenges of different people in football and field hockey in Europe.

Please help us by participating in the online survey and sharing the link to the questionnaire with your networks. Anyone who is or was active in the last 12 months in football, field hockey or other team sports - whether as an athlete, coach, board member, inclusion and wellbeing manager or further volunteer - can take part.

To the survey

The results will serve as a basis for a pilot program to foster inclusive and welcoming cultures for all people in organized football and field hockey.

Thanks for sharing the link and participating in the survey – results will be published on the All in & Win website by mid 2023.