ballesterer #174 - Rise and fall of GAK

The new ballesterer traces the eventful history of the 2004 champions GAK over the last 20 years.

Charity jersey auction for the benefit of Ukrainian relief workers

The Austrian Football League and its clubs are organizing a joint campaign to benefit the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation New Hope.

Cup of Human Rights, 17.9.22

The alternative sports festival for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will take place in Vienna!

SPIN Workshop in Dublin: Sport as a Tool for Social Inclusion of Refugees across Europe, 12.-13.9.

In a joint initiative, the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and the Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN) are hosting a workshop on football as a tool…

Press briefing: New REBELS OF CHANGE Initiative, 15.9.22

Children's, youth and development organizations present an initiative for sustainable development. fairplay is part of it!

ballesterer #173 - Germany descent of a league

The new ballesterer is dedicated to the German Bundesliga, which is increasingly suffering from monotony.

Cup for Human Rights - Call for Participation, 17.9.22

Within our project "Our Game for Human Rights", we are organising an alternative World Cup in Vienna with the controversial FIFA World Cup in Qatar…

fairplay at the Tag des Sports, 17.9.22

Visit us at the Tag des Sports! We will be there with our microsoccer.

Club 2x11 - Social learning through football! Empty promise or lived reality?, 19.9.22

This time, the discussion at Club 2x11 is dedicated to football as a tool for social development.

SDG Family Day, 25.9.22

Streetkick and microsoccer at the SDG Family Day of the initiative "Rebels of Change". The fairplay SDG Tour stops at the Donaupark in Vienna!