Human rights on the sidelines - Online talk, 23.11.22

Frank Schwabe, Federal Government Commissioner for Freedom of Religion or Belief, discusses the situation in Qatar.

November 23, 2022 | 7 p.m. | Youtube channel of Welthaus

The Football World Cup puts Qatar in the focus of the world public. The World Cup host has invested vast sums in stadiums, hotels and transport routes. The small emirate hopes to gain international influence and prestige from the most expensive event of all time. But beyond the soccer euphoria in the new stadiums, there are less visible dark sides: An authoritarian ruling family, media censorship, restricted religious freedom, discrimination against women, the systematic exploitation of migrant workers ...

What possibilities of influence does international politics have in the field of tension between economic interests and human rights on the ground? How could compliance with human rights and environmental protection be better enforced at major events in the future? In this online talk, Frank Schwabe, Commissioner of the German Federal Government for Freedom of Religion or Belief, will discuss the situation in Qatar and the Middle East and outline problems and possible solutions to human rights issues.

Personal details: Frank Schwabe is the German federal government's commissioner for freedom of religion or belief. The member of the Bundestag was for many years the spokesman for climate protection for the SPD parliamentary group and has been involved in the areas of human rights and humanitarian aid for many years. For many years, Schwabe has been particularly involved in Latin America. Many trips have taken him to all parts of the world, so that even before taking office he was repeatedly confronted with issues of freedom of religion and belief.

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