Action weeks 2022 - Final report

104x No to Hate & Agitation - Yes to Diversity in Football!

Just under 5 weeks, 104 clubs, 120 teams, 98 actions - that was the fairplay action weeks 2022! #fairplayactionweeks #NoHate #DiversityInSport 

It's done! The action weeks 2022 under the motto "Against hate and agitation - For diversity in soccer" are history. They came to an end with the action at WSG Tirol on November 6. This year, for the first time, the focus was on countering extremism in sports. For just under five weeks, our social media channels were ablaze: We are aware of 104 clubs, fans and initiatives that participated in the actions on- and offline. Numerous videos, photos and stadium actions have sent clear signals against anti-human ideologies. We are already looking forward to October 2023 - when we and you will continue our efforts against extremism in sports and for a diverse and open society!

104 and some unknowns

104 clubs contacted us directly in response to our call, which went out to all Austrian clubs via the ÖFB database FussballÖsterreich, among others, and we provided them with material. Many clubs participated with several teams: Youth, women's and men's teams, 120 in total. 98 campaigns took the message to the public at league games - to the Grätz'l, the community, the fan stands or via TV to the whole of Austria. In addition, a number of clubs sent us great photos with the campaign cards "AGAINST HATE & HATE - FOR DIVERSITY IN FOOTBALL" and produced their own great videos, as well as publishing texts in stadium newspapers, on websites or via social media. However, the number of unreported cases is high: Many soccer clubs have downloaded campaign material from our website without our knowledge - but with our full consent! - campaign material from our website and displayed it on their websites, via social media or during a match. Some we have found out about, others remain unknown.


So it's time to say THANK YOU - for the fact that more clubs than ever before took part in the fairplay action weeks for diversity in soccer. For the fact that Austrian soccer is taking such a strong stand against hate and incitement. For the existence of our new fairplay prevention department, which is now available to the entire sport as a point of contact against anti-human ideologies. For the fact that together we have made a difference and will continue to do so. For sending us so many photos and videos, from prominent national team players as well as from Bundesliga teams and grassroots sports clubs. For the fact that the cooperation with the Austrian Bundesliga and the ÖFB again worked so smoothly. For the fact that the fairplay team is still burning for anti-discrimination in the 23rd action weeks and can reach more and more clubs in Austria. For the fact that the City of Vienna has again supported us financially within the framework of Bewegung findet Stadt. For the fact that we are always warmly welcomed on the various soccer fields in Vienna and in the provinces, where we could visit matches and actions. For the fact that some clubs want to work with us on the topics of diversity, homophobia or racism even beyond the action weeks. Thanks also to the best team in the world, the team of the fairplay initiative, which was allowed to grow in 2022 not only personally and fundamentally, but also in terms of personnel: There are now nine colleagues working to make sport better for everyone.


You can find many highlights on our channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)! Especially our hashtag #fairplayactionweeks gives you a good insight into what was going on. You can also find a few insights in our photo gallery:

Vienna overtakes Lower Austria - the ultimate federal state ranking!

Vienna narrowly won the 2022 federal state ranking - admittedly a bit unfair, as more resources could be deployed here thanks to funding from the city of Vienna. 30 clubs and organizations participated in Vienna, followed by Lower Austria with 21. There was also a shift in third place: while we were able to reach 14 clubs in Styria, six more than in 2021, there were only 9 in Upper Austria. Carinthia was able to almost triple with 8 clubs (which is possibly thanks to the personal commitment of two team members), closely followed by Vorarlberg (7) and Tyrol (5), where despite strong involvement of the Tyrolean Football Association, which stood behind the campaign with its entire board, unfortunately not more clubs could be reached. This definitely calls for an order for us for 2023. Salzburg (3) and Burgenland (3) were also beaten this year. With the ÖFB national teams (women and men), as well as the Bundesliga and the Frauenbundesliga and the players' union VdF - Vereinigung der Fußballer, four nationwide players also took part.

The following clubs took part in 2022:

ASK Bad Fischau-Brunn/NSG Steinfeld
ASK Erlaa Torpedo 03 (Mädchen Nachwuchs & Männer)
ASKÖ Leonding Sektion Fußball
ATSV Fischamend
ATUS Ferlach
ballesterer Fußballmagazin
Carinthians LIWOdruck Hornets
Club 2x11
DSG Dornbach Sox (Frauen & Männer)
DSG Ferlach
Dynamo Donau (Frauen & Männer)
FC Altera Porta
FC Bergheim  
FC Besiktas Wiener Adler
FC Blau-Weiß Linz
FC BW Feldkirch
FC Dornbirn
FC Flyeralarm Admira
FC Gratkorn
FC Kadir
FC Liefering
FC Mariahilf (Frauen & Männer & Nachwuchs)
FC SKINY Südburgenland
FC Salzburg
FC Wacker Innsbruck (Frauen & Männer)
FCM Traismauer
FCSD Zeillern
First Vienna FC (Frauen & Männer)
FK Austria Wien (Frauen & Männer)
FK Austria Wien Young Violets
Floridsdorfer Athletiksport-Club
Frauenauschuss des Wiener Fußballverbandes
Freud*innen der Friedhofstribüne
FSC Favoriten
Fußballbibliothek der Büchereien Wien
Generali Union Innsbruck
GTVS Aspernallee
Homeless World Cup Österreich 
Kicken Ohne Grenzen
Kötz-Haus Ladies Preding
KSV 1919
Kurd Wien
Niederösterreichischer Fußballverband
Österreichisches Autorenteam
Penzinger SV
Planet Pure Frauenbundesliga
Prater SV
RW Rankweil
RZ Pellets WAC
Salzburger Fußballverband
SC Austria Lustenau
SC Brunn am Gebirge
SC Kittsee (Nachwuchs)
SC Neusiedl am See Damen 
SC St. Valentin  
SC Wiener Viktoria
SCR Altach 
SG FAC - USC Landhaus
SG Gitschtal
SK Austria Klagenfurt
SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr
SK Kühnsdorf-Klopeinersee
SK Rapid Wien
SK Rapid Wien II
SK Sturm Graz (Männer + Frauen)
SK Sturm Graz II
SKN St Pölten (Frauen, Männer)
SKU Ertl Glas Amstetten
SKV Altenmarkt
SPG FC Lustenau/FC Dornbirn Ladies
SPG Geretsberg/Bürmoos
SPG SCR Altach / FFC Vorderland
Sportunion Schweinbach
Steirischer Fußballverband
SU Schönbrunn (Frauen)
SV Horn (Frauen + Männer)
SV Jauerling
SV Lobmingtal
SV Neulengbach 
SV Phönix Hönigsberg
SV Prellenkirchen 
SV Ried 
SV Weikersdorf
Tiroler Fußballverband
TSU Irnfritz Mädls
TSV Egger Glas Hartberg
Twentyone FC (Frauen, Männer, Senioren)
UFC Hadres/Markersdorf
Union Katholische Jugend Ottenthal
Union Kleinmünchen
Union LUV Graz
Union Suben
Vereinigung der Spieler - VdF
WFV Hallencup Frauen & Nachwuchs
Wiener Sport-Club (Frauen)
Wildcats 11teamsports Krottendorf
Wir Frauen im Sport
WSG Tirol

The fairplay action weeks

For just under five weeks in October 2022, clubs across Austria showed their commitment to combating extremism in sports and promoting a diverse and open society.

The activities were coordinated by the fairplay Initiative for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination. The ÖFB and the Austrian Football League supported the action, and it was made possible by the City of Vienna - Bewegung findet Stadt, the Austrian Ministry of Sport and the European Commission (Erasmus+).

#fairplayactionweeks #NoHate #VielfaltImSport

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