Let the Girls Play!

As the lead organization, fairplay is working with partner clubs (see below) in this Erasmus+ funded project to make soccer clubs more open to girls and encourage girls to join soccer clubs.


Grassroots soccer plays a key role in helping children and young adults decide whether or not to participate in sports. However, most local clubs do not explicitly target girls, lack specific offerings, and are mostly dominated by men and male norms. Even clubs that are willing to create girls' soccer teams often lack the expertise and capacity to reach girls.

For this reason, the participation of girls, especially girls from immigrant backgrounds, is very low. This exclusion leads to problems such as marginalization, prejudice, low self-esteem, feelings of not being welcome, and also health problems.

Against this background, the overall goal of Let the Girls Play (GIRLZ) is to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities for girls in sports.

The project aims to increase sports participation among girls (ages 5 to 14) by breaking down barriers at local soccer clubs.

Project partners

Project goals

(1) Identify and understand barriers - an assessment of the status quo
(2) Bring girls and clubs together - develop strategies to overcome barriers
(3) Exchange good practice - secure knowledge and establish the Girlz Football Network