Football Zajedno

The Football Zajedno ("Football Together") project focuses on countries in the Western Balkans. Currently, the project is supported through UEFA and implemented jointly with the soccer associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Furthermore there exists a cooperation with the soccer associations in Serbia and Croatia. Local soccer clubs and NGOs are key partners in the project, which is coordinated by the fairplay initiative.

The aim of Football Zajedno is to use the popularity of soccer and the medium of sport to create awareness and sensitivity for the promotion of democratic pluralism, peacebuilding, inclusion of minorities, human rights and empowerment of girls and women.

This goal is pursued through

  •         Educational opportunities at the local level (trainings, workshops,
            e-learning tools),
  •         Campaign work (stadium actions, mini-van tour, start-up pool),
  •         capacity building (conferences, round tables, online platform) and
  •         intercultural dialogue (international tournament formats,
            festivals and camps)


Through its broad engagement and multifaceted activities, Football Zajedno reaches a large number of target groups, such as girls and women, disadvantaged groups (migrants, refugees) and minorities, coaches, players and officials, educators and youth workers. Soccer Zajedno brings together soccer stakeholders with civil society organizations.

For the latest information on Football Zajedno, please visit the international project website and the facebook page.

The initiative is significantly supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).