Sport for all Genders and Sexualities at the World Amateur Sports Forum

Successful project presentation at the 45th CSIT Congress in Barcelona.

The SGS team visited the 45th CSIT Ordinary Congress and the International Amateur Sports Forum, which took place from the 8th to 10th of November in the building of University of Physical Education in Barcelona.

As a part of World Amateur Sports Forum, all partners of #EUcofunded project SGS - Sport for all Genders and Sexualities had a chance to introduce the project to all the Forum participants and spread the word about the project’s mission to a wide audience fostering more inclusive grassroots sports.

The presentation opened with the introduction to the concept of equality for all genders and sexualities, main notions and current struggles faced, presented by Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation, the project coordinator, followed by the research on the situation of women and LGBT+ individuals in organized grassroots sports across Europe, carried out by German University Cologne. The research findings provided an in-depth understanding of the status quo as of today from the perspectives of athletes, coaches, board members and volunteers. In addition to this, the project partners presented the report of best practices on implementation of gender and sexual equality measures within the framework of grassroots sports.

Last, but not least, the promotional campaign Rising Together and testimonials, presented by representatives of AiCS and Outsport Network, as well as the first results of the Regional Working Groups and the importance of collaborative brainstorming within working groups in the partner countries, presented by the Landessportbund Nordrhein-Westfallen

The presentation wrapped up with an open discussion with the audience, as well as comments and thoughts on how gender and sexual equality is tackled in other grassroots sports organizations and what the main challenges are or could be.

All in all, we are excited to having been able to share our ideas and project motivations with the big audience, such as CSIT Amateur Sports Forum “Sports Impacts All”, and to hear this topic bring interest and being generally so well-received. We are happy about the received feedback on the presentation, which included words such as "refreshing" and "well-tempered", and look forward to the upcoming activities in the project.