Get your fairly produced SDG soccer from fairplay!

Here you can order balls that are fairly produced, and on top of that support the 17 global goals for sustainable development!

The ball was commissioned in cooperation with EZA Fairer Handel at Vision Technologies Corporation (VCT) in Sialkot, Pakistan.

In Sialkot, 80% of the world's production of footballs is manufactured. VTC sees itself as a model company for "responsible and ethically correct production". The ball therefore also bears the FAIRTRADE seal of quality. This guarantees that the ball was produced under regulated working conditions, free of child labor and free of discrimination.

The soccer (size 5) is available for a minimum donation of EUR 27.

The ball was produced with the support of the Austrian Development Cooperation within the fairplay project "Sport for Development and Human Rights".

If you want to send us photos of your SDG ball in action, we will be happy to share it on our social media channels!

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You will receive the ball against a minimum donation of EUR 27,-. Shipping in Austria of one or more balls costs EUR 4.30. The cost of international shipping depends on the country.

If you want to pick up the ball(s) directly at our office (Möllwaldplatz 5/3, 1040 Vienna) the shipping costs will not apply. In this case we ask you to inform us in the text field "Would you like to tell us something".

Following your order you will receive information about the payment method and the amount to be paid.

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