Some examples of what you can do to sustainably support the achievement of the SDGs in your association

  • Conduct a mini-event on the topic of sustainable development (e.g. at a home match, during youth training or in the canteen) -> we provide a free fairplay package for this purpose (content: 2 footballs in SDG design, poster, flyer and sticker): more information is available here.

  • Targeted promotion of girls and minorities (e.g. refugees) in their own club: within the framework of our SPIN network, there is an initial study on the status quo as well as positive examples.

  • Offering fair products in the canteen (e.g. FAIRTRADE coffee, juices, etc.): see the factsheet "Fairer Einkauf" (Fair Purchasing), which we have compiled within the framework of the Sport and Human Rights Working Group.

  • Procurement of fair sporting goods for the teams: see also the factsheet of the Working Group on Sport and Human Rights.

  • Use of fair footballs produced without child labour in SDG design: click here to order the footballs.

  • Booking fairplay workshops for children and young people (topics such as SDGs and anti-discrimination are taught in a playful way): more information and contact here.

The fairplay initiative is happy to support you with enquiries and the implementation of your SDG actions!

Die fairplay Initiative unterstützt Euch gerne bei Nachfragen sowie bei der Umsetzung Eurer SDG-Aktionen. #Teamupforchange