Erasmus+ partner projects

Within the framework of Erasmus+, we run projects as a lead organisation. These are currently "Sport Together" and "Sport for all Genders and Sexualities".

In addition, we are involved in a number of Erasmus+ projects where we are not the lead organisation but a partner organisation, i.e. one of several project partners. These are currently the following projects:

  • SENTRY Sport: The project aims to develop a common methodology for the surfacing, prevention and mitigation of the discriminatory phenomenon in the places of sport and beyond, based on the role grassroots sport can play in tackling discriminations and support victims.

  • EWSE - Empowering Women for Sport events in Europe: Our aim is to promote a European network of women sport festivals and events to create an innovative networking model that can boost equality in sport leadership, visibility and representation of women sport, promoting accessibility for all and environmental sustainability as key assets.

  • Less4more: The project is focused on "integration and diversity" and aims to motivate women, especially from migrant and disadvantaged groups, to participate in sports and physical leisure activities including indoor and outdoor sports. The creation of an inclusive network for women's sports is to serve as a basis for future projects and put an international focus on recreational sports for women as a balance to professional sports.

  • Faros Sport - Lighting their way through sports: The project aims to strengthen the inclusion and active social participation of unaccompanied refugee children and young people in organised sport. This will be achieved through training, awareness raising, capacity building and cooperation between communities of people with refugee experience, civil society organisations and sports stakeholders.