Erasmus+ partner projects

Within the framework of Erasmus+, we run projects as a lead organisation. These are currently "SPIN Women", "SPIN Refugees" and "Let the Girls Play".

In addition, we are involved in a number of Erasmus+ projects where we are not the lead organisation but a partner organisation, i.e. one of several project partners. These are currently the following projects:

  • EDU-PACT (Intercultural Education through Physical Activity, Coaching and Training): EDU-PACT responds to the flow of migration to Europe and the intercultural challenges that most countries in Europe are currently facing. The project aims to improve the quality of preparatory and in-service training and to raise the professional profile of sport-related teaching professions in order to prepare teachers and coaches for inclusive intercultural education in and through sport.
  • EYESS (European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport): Sport, if appropriate structures are in place, promotes social inclusion by fostering tolerance, respect for others, cooperation, loyalty and friendship, and values related to fair play. EYESS aims to promote social inclusion, combat discrimination and intolerance through sport by transferring the good practices of the "Mondiali Antirazzisti" into a new partnership between civil society and the academic environment in Greece, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Denmark.
  • KINESIS (Sports as an Excellent Tool to Foster Social Integration): KINESIS aims to promote the participation of children from vulnerable target groups in sporting activities and the life of their community by strengthening cooperation between physical education teachers in schools on the one hand and sports clubs and community-based organisations on the other.
  • STEADY (Sport as a Toll for Empowerment for (Dis) Abled Displaced Youth): The majority of disabled people face poverty and discrimination. Disabled refugees are doubly vulnerable in this regard: they are among the most excluded in an already marginalised group." The STEADY project aims to increase the sporting participation of displaced persons with disabilities by promoting volunteering and equal access of refugees and migrants with disabilities to organised Paralympic and grassroots sports.