Sport for all Genders and Sexualities - Good Practices Report

First important result of the EU project SGS: the Good Practices Report is available!

Just in time for the New Year, the team of the EU project SGS - Sport for all Genders & Sexualities was able to complete the Good Practices Report as the first major outcome. The 75-page document contains a collection of good practices of institutional inclusion of gender diverse athletes in the five partner countries (Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands). In the form of an analysis of the current situation, this report is intended to help national and international sports organizations to recognise the need for real inclusion policies and to provide an impetus to implement such policies.

The collected "good practices" are a wide variety of initiatives, programmes and activities promoting the inclusion of transgender, intersex and non-binary people in the sport context. They not only guarantee access to sport, but also propose a permanent commitment to identifying existing barriers to participation, socialization and motor learning for all people in sport beyond binarism.

Our suggestion for your New Year's resolution is therefore: download the Good Practices Report right away and start the year 2023 with a top read.

If you prefer to click through the good practices online, you can have a look at them on our new learning platform fairplay education. There you will find the initiatives in the form of a small e-learning course. Have fun discovering!