Football Zajedno highlighted as Good-Practice-Example in UEFAs FSR Report

UEFA chose the Football Zajedno project as one of the good practice example in their Football Social Responsibility report of the season 2018/19.

The Football and Social Responsibility Report is published by UEFA annually and covers topics like match-fixing, ant-doping, human resources or stadium and security strategy and development. It gives an overview on UEFAs core FSR portfolio partners amongst others the FARE network, CAFE, Football Supporters Europe, Supporters Direct, WWF, Homeless World Cup Foundation or Terre des homes. Another overview lists the projects for that the member football associations got support out of the HatTrick programme, and six of these are highlighted as good practise examples in the report.

UEFA states the Football Zajedno project as a “truly unique collaboration” that “uses innovative and creative initiatives to shine a light on intercultural dialogue and social inclusion, using football to advocate for equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups and minorities and bringing groups that were once divided together on equal playing fields.”

Football Zajedno is a joint project involving the three national associations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia and is coordinated by fairplay Initiative at VIDC.

This is a great acknowledgment for all our partners, clubs, workshop-facilitators, coaches, players and volunteers who helped us to make such great activities over the last years that would not have possible without their support!

The full UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report 2018/19 can be downloaded here.