Giochi Antirazzisti, Bologna, 7.-9.7.23

The Giochi Antirazzisti are back! With sport, music and culture, the festival opposes all forms of discrimination.

The Giochi Antirazzisti are back! The 2023 edition is starting to take shape, but something fundamental is missing: Your wonderful teams and their desire to participate!

In the spirit of last year, the organisers want to continue on the same path, spreading a message of struggle against all forms of discrimination as best they can: through sport, culture, music and conviviality.

Based on the positive experience of the new beginning in 2022, the Games will be expanded by increasing the diversity of sports and the cultural offer. During the three days of the festival, tournaments will take place in sevens football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, cricket, quidditch and skate, but there will also be many moments of conviviality, debate and cultural exchange between games.

The encounters in the games themselves will be fundamentally non-competitive. The rules of the game have been revised and aim to sideline competitive debate in favour of encounters between people. The preparation and implementation lives from the participation of many grassroots projects: Associations, NGOs, social cooperatives, "Palestre Populari", supporters' groups and sports clubs that join together in a cultural, political, social and environmental project that transcends the barriers of a sporting event to propose models of coexistence and cooperation that are active throughout the year.

The Giochi Antirazzisti preserve the vision of anti-racism as a practice to combat all forms of discrimination and use the term "Giochi" ("Games") to integrate all motor practices and sporting activities and to convey the playful sense of encounter and exchange that should characterise this event.

Giochi Antirazzisti 2023
When: 7, 8 and 9 July 2023
Where: Bologna - "Centro Sportivo Bonori
What: Festival Popolare against all forms of discrimination
How: Sport, culture and music
Who: People from all over the world, of every origin, religion, sexual orientation and gender.
If you want to participate, you can register through this link: Registration

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