ballesterer #170 - The path to becoming a professional

The new ballesterer is dedicated to the training of young talents in Austrian football.

The ballesterer team visited the academies in Sankt Pölten and at Rapid, talked to footballers' parents and looked at alternative ways to become a professional.
How does one actually become a professional? What paths does the classic system for promoting young players in Austria provide, what alternatives are there, where are the problems and who might fall through the cracks? Our favourite football magazine gets to the bottom of these and other questions!

In this issue you can also read interviews with Ferdinand Feldhofer and Ulli Thomale, a portrait of Imke Wübbenhorst and a report from Linz in which the women's sections of Blau-Weiß and LASK strive to reach the top. Excerpts from the issue can be found here.

The new ballesterer is now available in tobacconists and in the online shop: