The anti-discrimination work area introduces itself

Discrimination - racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism - is still a big issue in sport and in society as a whole. Especially in the national sport of football, exclusion and inequality are often more visible than in the rest of society, on the other hand, sport also has great potential to counteract this - because sport connects and brings people together.

Through educational work, cooperation with professional and grassroots clubs, campaigns and events, discussions and the support of pro-active forces, be it fans, sports clubs or initiatives, as well as public relations work, studies and the documentation of discriminatory incidents (monitoring "report discrimination" ) fights fairplay against discrimination. At the national level but also with international partners. The FARE network was founded in Vienna in 1999, fairplay is involved in various European projects and networks and is an internationally sought-after expert in the field of anti-discrimination.

Fairplay's work in this area becomes particularly visible in October when the campaign weeks against discrimination in football take place: the entire football family is called upon to set strong signals for diversity.